I don’t want to be here anymore.

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I’m not sure if this person is ignoring me or

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“Why are you so afraid of gaining weight?”

harder to kidnap

the fuck

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on another note I think it sucks that i’ll have to be on meds for the rest of my life. I wish I was normal and didn’t have to rely on invega sustenna to be happy.

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I try to remember what someone told me. That it doesn’t matter how long you stay in highschool, as long as you finish. But it upsets me I might have to do an extra year to finish off these two credits. I just really hate doing work outside of a classroom setting so I’m not really getting anywhere with credit recovery and my school doesn’t have a gym class. I kind of wished I transferred back to Dover High or something because I know I would have been able to double up on my classes with ease. I’m not going to sit here and say my school sucks because it doesn’t, at a normal school I wouldn’t have gotten an internship or have a lot of the opportunities I have. But god damnit, I wish they had more options with the classes you take. 

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Dad: Why don't you go to the kingdom hall? It'll make me happy. Do this one thing for me.
Grandma: She never does anything for us. One day she's going to ask something of you and she'll feel guilty when you say no because she knows she should have done more for you/
Me in my head: I pay half of your bills, I give you money whenever you ask me, I respect your beliefs and am a total good girl because THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT. That's not doing anything for you? Shut up.
Me out loud:

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no school tomorrwo dance oh yea

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waiting for friend to pick me up so we can see some horror movie at the cinema. tbh I’m just happy to be getting out of the house. She promised me a sleepover and South Park, too. So.

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